New Song – Zammuto – Idiom Wind (available for 48 hrs)

Here’s the new track:


Just finished this afternoon. Pretty different, again, from Yay and Groan Man. I’m trying to carve out as much new territory as I can early on in the process, and stretch out a bit. This is more of a songy song this time, and yes, Dylan references are as irresistable to me as ever. and I’ve been loving playing the drums recently, I’m really into 3 over 4 polyrhythms, they are so wonderfully ambiguous and spacious. Please download and repost, since this will only be available for 48hrs. And extra thanks to Gene Back for his multitrack fiddle on this song. If any of you need a fiddle session, Gene is extremely capable and highly creative. You can contact him here: So glad he’s in my band! For those of you who have requested a studio tour, I’ll try to blog about it soon… Thanks for listening! More soon, Nick