2011 Year In Photos

Hey Everyone,

I just posted a new photo album here: http://zammutosound.com/photos.cfm

These are all pictures from our little homestead in Vermont this year. The small building with the woodshed attached is my studio where ‘The Way Out’ and the new album were written/recorded/mixed/mastered… My wife, Molly, is the pregnant gardener in all these photos, and this year the farm was incredibly productive. Thanks to Molly, and her uncanny ability to grow things, we all ate like kings this year. Also pictured are my boys Sepp, Asa and the newest one Cy, who was born in October. As you’ll see, they play hard, and crash often. The new band appears here and there, too.

Best wishes for the new year from our family to yours.

Nick Zammuto

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