Ep Release on Make Mine Records

Hey All,

My old friend Manish from London runs a 7” Label called Make Mine, and we decided to release three of the songs from the upcoming LP this December, gearing up for the full length release next year. (about 10 years ago ’The Books’ were his labels first release!)

Side A will be Idiom Wind

Side B will be F U C-3PO

And the bonus ‘digital only’ will be Weird Ceiling.

In fact Pitchfork was kind enough to post ‘Weird Ceiling’ today.

These are reworked ‘finished’ versions of the demo tracks I’ve posted in the past, so have a listen for the changes…

Once the EP is available for sale I’ll repost

And thanks for the slew of recent orders from the store, you all, it is extremely helpful in getting this project off the ground… and remember you can preorder a Home Printed LP to further help the project along. (design coming soon)

Also, I finished two more tracks recently, called ‘Zebra Butt’ and ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, as well as revisited/improved/mastered a lot of the older songs, so stay tuned…



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