First Shows

Hey Everyone,

I’m happy to announce that the new band is playing it’s first shows in early February! You can get tickets here:

FEB 3: Mass Moca, North Adams, MA

FEB 4: 92YTribeca, New York, NY

FEB 6: Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA

We had our first rehearsals in November, and it made us all quite giddy. It’s coming together better than we had ever hoped. Please don’t miss your chance to see these first shows: my brother Mikey has used the word ‘Epic’ more than once to describe what’s about to happen…

Here’s a (somewhat goofy) photo of the new band:

From left to right that’s my brother Mikey (Bass), Sean Dixon (NYC, Drums), yours truly (vocals, guitars) and Gene Back (From Brooklyn, who you’ll recognize from the Books, Guitar and Keys). And yes that is a bonfire, made of branches from the great ice storm of 2008. We lit it up last sunday:

The new show will focus mainly on the tracks I’ve been writing over the last year, with some classic and never before played ‘Books’ songs thrown in, plus a couple surprises. The show will have some video synched with the performance (as the books show did) although the band is so fun to watch, the video component will be more contained to short bursts and set peices, to allow eyes to be on the band most of the time. (Sean is one of the best drummers you will ever see.) I’m working on video now, based on the vast collection of stills and vhs i’ve put together over the years, along with a few commisions, and i’m not sure how much i’ll have done by February… but I think the show will fly either way.

And, before the show we will be screening ‘Achante’, the short film about Haitian Vodou that I scored this year. Here’s the trailer

Achantè Extended Trailer from Mazibel on Vimeo.

Really hope to see you there!


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