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Zammuto LP 2 from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

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Books Box Walk-through

'A Day With' Nick Zammuto

Shape of Things to Come Rehearsal Video

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The Books - I Didn't Know That

The Books - A Cold Freezin Night

The Books - 8 Frame

The Books - 8 Frame from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

From our DVD Playall. I edited this together from some video that I shot around North Adams, MA (including the Venus Transit of 2004) and some highspeed video I shot with Dwight Whitaker, along with clips from Paul's sample collection. The idea here was to synch the frame rate of the video to the tempo of the music (8 frames is exactly a 16th note).

The Books - Meditation

The Books - Meditation from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

From our DVD Playall. Paul found the audio and I did the anagrams. It's a miracle how many good anagrams there are for that word.

The Books - Smells Like Content

The Books - Smells Like Content from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

The video I made for the song I wrote. Audio from the album Lost and Safe, video from our DVD Playall.

The Books - It Never Changes To Stop

The Books - It Never Changes To Stop from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

From our DVD Playall. I editied this video from stills I collected from the Cassini-Huygens archive, a moon video and some nice sunsets/rises from Pauls collection.

The Books - Take Time

the Books- Take Time from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

From our DVD 'Playall'. I edited this video together from Paul's collection of video samples.

Motherless Bastard sample source:

Motherless Bastard Source from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

I was minding my own business, filming jelly fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach CA, when this conversation took place right next to me. It eventually found it's home on 'the Books' record, 'Thought for Food'.

Achante: Part of Chapter 3

Achantè Extended Trailer from Mazibel on Vimeo.

Achantè is an intimate, rhythmic portrait of Haitian Vodou. It is a collaborative project between a small international production team and four Vodou communities in the South of Haiti. Directed by Emily McMehen and produced by Geoffrey Sautner and Emily McMehen, with an original score by Nick Zammuto.

Zammuto Sound Sculptures

Zammuto Sound Sculptures from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

These are some of the early sculptures I made. Most of them have found their way into the recordings and live shows in some way or another. Up until now it's been a 'lo-fi/high concept' kind of aesthetic although i've been moving into more gallery type installations, and my carpentry chops are getting better (after building a house and all:). I sold an edition of Spoonboxes earlier this year and will likely make another batch of them for early 2012. Let me know if your interested... nzammuto at gmail.

Theremins Make You Poop

Theremins make you poop from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

My son Asa playing with a Moog Etherwave Theremin, Thanks Jason from Moog! See you in Asheville soon...

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Chris and Penny

Chris + Penny from Chr * s on Vimeo.

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