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Hey All,

Nick here. Sorry for the recent lull in my posts, but you can expect a flurry of activity over the summer, as I’ve been very busy in the studio:


Firstly, I’m going to start writing about all of the tracks on our first three records, as I did with ‘The Way Out’. As some of you may have noticed, I had a chance to remaster and redesign the records for our move to Temporary Residence, and revisiting those sounds really brought me back to the headspace I was in while working on those records. A lot of great, and hilarious and/or difficult moments that I’ll try to recount as I write about the tracks.

Also, I just put together a new website that archives my past work, and will be the central home of my new work:

I recently posted a huge amount of rare and ‘lost’ audio from my archives. Mostly it’s the music I made before the Books existed, and the soundtrack work I’ve done over the years for various productions since then.

And I’m just about to announce the birth of my new band, which will be focused on live percussion, keys, guitars, vocals, samples and video. I’ll be producing it here in my studio over the summer, rehearsing the band and blogging about it heavily. I’m just finishing the first tracks which I’ll share with you soon… here are all the related sites:

Thanks in advance for visiting!


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