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Zammuto - Too Late To Topologize | zammuto
Here’s a working version of the fourth track from the new record. I’m sorry, Timbaland, but it had to be done. Dropping that syllable just drives me crazy, I needed to stick one back in to restore balance to the world ;)

Free download available for 48hrs here:

I made this track with a Korg Electribe (S) and a TC-Helicon Voice Live 2, and its made to be performed live 100%, so please come see our first shows in November. Special thanks to Sean Dixon for the acoustic drums, really looking forward to working more with him, he’s an extremely inventive player, and will Kill live.

Also i’m proud to say that my dream of composing, mixing and mastering all within one program was finally realized with this track. It is directly exported from the timeline of Sony’s Acid without post-sweetening. I’ll post more about the studio soon…


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